The Leading Impact Program

Empowering new- and middle managers to become leaders people naturally follow and listen to.



A one-on-one leadership program with personal coaching and impactful tools.

As a leader...

Do you recognize this...

  • You tend to get into details instead of having the high-level overview.

  • You are busy and find it difficult to be fully present with your employees.

  • Your employees expect you to always have an answer and provide solutions to their challenges.

  • Your employees anticipate your help in developing their careers by telling them what to do or how to do it.

  • Establishing yourself as a leader, especially when dealing with leaders above you, can be challenging.

  • When entrusted with your employees' emotions, you would like to be better at handling the situation in a constructive and professional manner.

Imagine that...

  • You are confident in your decisions.

  • You have the time, energy and confidence to be present and have though conversations with employees that makes them feel seen and heard.

  • You support your employees in come up with the solution to their daily challenges instead of telling them what to do.

  • You help your employees help themselves by supporting them in figuring out how they want to develop their careers without telling them what to do.

  • You manifest and establish yourself as a leader in the organisation.

  • You have access to tools and techniques to navigate challenging leadership responsibilities.

  • Because of your approach, people feel inspired and listen to you.

What is the Leading Impact Program?

This personalized one-on-one program combines individually tailored coaching with leadership tools and high-impact techniques.


Program content:

  • 6 months of result oriented leadership coaching.
  • 8 x one-on-one coaching sessions.
  • Leadership tools.
  • Videos and materials.
  • Customized assignments.
  • Support and sparring.
  • Online platform with all the tools.
  • Unlimited access to Camilla.


Hi, my name is Camilla, and my mission is to ensure that people not only survive in their careers but thrive.

I have witnessed many people struggling in their careers because things are not exactly as they would like them to be. I used to be one of them. However, I had this voice in my head telling me that my career was too long for me not to take action and address the aspects that weren't functioning well. So, I embarked on a journey to create a workday that gives me energy rather than depleting it.

Since then, I have coached numerous people on how to pursue the goals that make them feel more energized and excited in their daily work.

The Traditional approach

When developing or promoting leaders, the primary focus is traditionally on qualifications and competencies, while the personal foundation is often neglected.

The problem with this is that new leaders fail to understand what is driving them (motivation), what they strive for (mission), why they do what they do (purpose), and what values they stand for.

This means they don't know how to motivate themselves—or others. They struggle in setting their own direction, they don't know what they want, they have difficulty making decisions on their own, and they are not confident in their choices.

They have no foundation for leading themselves. So how can they be expected to lead others or be self-driven?

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Camillas approach

I empower leaders to comprehend their foundation: their drive, motivation, goals, mission, purpose, values, and direction.

This cultivates confidence in them, making them self-driven, confident in making decisions, able to set a direction, and are naturally confident in leading others.

It also saves senior executives time by reducing the need for asking questions.

The reason the personal foundation is often overlooked is that uncovering it can be challenging. Therefore, I have developed a method to address this, which is included in the Leading Impact Program for leaders.

Expert model trekant(4)
  • Camilla Wett Coaching

    “The program has given me the courage and confidence to make good career decisions. It has been a surprisingly challenging journey to settle on a few core values. The guidance that Camilla offered was essential in getting there. The great thing is: once you have settled on your core values, you have an accessible and universal tool for decision making - both at work and in private life.”

  • Camilla Wett Coaching

    “This program has made it clear to me how I add the most value and it made me capable of taking action on those things. I really needed help to find answers to what I should prioritize and how I should navigate my working life in order to be happy. I have gained a completely different understanding of what really matters to me.”

  • Camilla Wett Coaching

    “This program has given me a huge push in the right direction. It has become clear to me what I need to do in my job situation. It's so liberating. The best thing has been that I really feel that I have grown - also mentally. I have been given many tools to manage my situation.”

  • Camilla Wett Coaching

    “I have been challenged but also supported in finding my core. The best thing I got out of my program is an understanding of the values that ​​are most important to me. Having Camilla to challenge, but also cheer for one, provides clarification about things I didn't know were hidden. I have become stronger in keeping focus on what motivates me - and use it as a guide when I make decitions.”

  • Camilla Wett Coaching

    “I am surprised at how much you can create your own results. I have gained more peace of mind, and have gained a lot of tools that I can pull out if necessary in relation to decision-making, doubts and uncertainty at work. I see it as necessary to invest in one's mental health in order to thrive with oneself and others. If you are in doubt as to whether a program works, I can say that I think it is an investment for life.”

The details

The first one-on-one session will be scheduled as the first thing, and you will gain immediate access to the platform containing all the tools and materials. The one-on-one sessions will take place via Microsoft Teams.

The framework we will work through includes:

  • Part 1: Clarify your leadership goals.
  • Part 2: Uncover your uniqueness as a leader.
  • Part 3: Set the direction for yourself and others.
  • Part 4: Take responsibility the right places.
  • Part 5: Get people to listen.
  • Part 6: Help people find their own answers and take action.
  • Part 7: Manifest yourself as a leader.
  • Part 8: Ensure long term career success as a leader.

Part 1: Clarify your goals and milestones

You will begin the program by clarifying with your work, leadership, and career goals, along with your milestones. This process identifies the gap between your current position and your desired destination. Understanding this gap is crucial as it enables you to initiate actions that will progressively close it from day one. Therefore, you will receive support and necessary resources to precisely define your goals and milestones. The efforts invested in this stage will lay the groundwork for your growth, development, and the advancement you seek in your work and career. When you possess confidence in your own foundation, establishing a reliable direction for your employees will come naturally.

As a result, you will discover that the daily sense of overwhelm at work will dissipate, granting you a clearer perspective on priorities. This, in turn, simplifies your ability to be present with your employees and provides you with the necessary energy to offer support.

You will transition from:

  • Struggling to achieve your goals yet never feeling a sense of accomplishment.
  • Experiencing frustration due to the significant time invested in issues rather than seizing opportunities.
  • Battling with a constant feeling of being overwhelmed by numerous details.
  • Yearning for broader perspectives.

You will gain the ability to:

  • Feel success by obtaining clarity on the obstacles hindering your progress toward your goals and discovering how to overcome them.
  • Have an overarching view and perceive situations from a broader perspective.
  • Know what deserves prioritization.
  • Have the energy and time to engage fully with your employees.
  • Experience progress from day one.

Part 2: Uncover your uniqueness as a leader

To leverage your uniqueness as a leader to your advantage, you need to know your personal values. Consequently, we will dedicate time to uncovering them. Personal values represent the qualities you consider most important. Understanding these values is crucial because they shape your behavior, whether you are conscious of them or not. This implies that you might work against yourself in your daily life if you're unaware of your values. Ultimately, this can hinder your progress in attaining your desired goals in your professional and leadership roles. Furthermore, your values distinguish you from other leaders and instill in you the confidence to establish your distinct leadership approach. When you lead guided by your values, you'll be recognized as an authentic leader that people willingly follow, not out of obligation but genuine desire.


You will transition from:

  • Struggling to make decisions due to uncertainty about the best course of action.
  • Finding it challenging to let go of problems.
  • Sensing something is amiss but unable to pinpoint the issue.
  • Struggling to find your motivations when it drops.
  • Struggling to increase your employee's motivation when it drops.

You will gain the ability to:

  • Make decisions for both yourself and your employees with a sense of confidence.
  • Generate motivation for yourself and others, even when it seems absent.
  • Delegate tasks to your subordinates.
  • Communicate in a manner that inspires your employees and encourages them to follow your lead.
  • Navigate through challenging situations by relying on your inner guidance.

Part 3: Set the direction for yourself and others

"Why" do you do what you do? Why do you get up in the morning? Most leaders cannot answer this which means they struggle to live and lead from a place of clear direction. If you can't articulate to yourself the reasons behind your work and its significance, how can you expect your employees to follow you? Instead of "why"many people focus on "how" to do and fix things. However, this focus on "how" can trap you in the realm of practical matters, preventing you from attaining a broader perspective. With a well-defined direction, not only will you find it easier to guide your employees toward their own paths, but you'll also empower them to discover solutions and insights independently, rather than simply directing them.

In this phase, you will be provided with the necessary resources and guidance to define your personal purpose, mission, and vision. You will then translate this understanding into actions and habits that supports your journey towards achieving your goals.


You will transition from:

  • Struggling with employees who expect you to determine their course of action.
  • Not being able to explain the reasons behind your work and its significance.

  • Having difficulties prioritizing.
  • Experiencing uncertainty regarding your leadership direction.
  • Sensing that your employees are also uncertain about your direction.

You will gain the ability to:

  • Guide employees in determining the direction they wish to pursue in their career development.
  • Possess a clear and distinct direction.
  • Cultivate self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Utilize a well-defined personal navigation tool when confronting challenging situations.
  • Stand out as a leader to others.

Part 4: Take responsibility the right places

In this phase, we will address your daily challenges. This process will clarify what lies beyond your control, enabling you to release those areas. You will gain the ability to manage aspects that once felt overwhelming in a responsible and constructive manner. Rather than postponing unpleasant tasks or discussions, you will confront difficult areas and proceed. You will begin practicing responsible communication, a type of communication that captures people's attention and encourages active listening. This kind of communication will make your employees follow you, not because they have to, but because they want to.


You will transition from:

  • Feeling accountable for your employees' frustrations, issues, and experiences.
  • Feeling frustrated because your expectations towards others are not meet.
  • Struggling to navigate the boundaries of responsibility between you, your superiors, and your employees.

You will gain the ability to:

  • Release concerns that are beyond your sphere of control.
  • Communicate in a effective way that people listen to.
  • Manifest and establish yourself as a leader in the organisation.
  • Become a leader people choose to follow not because they must, but because they genuinely want to.

Part 5: Get people to listen
Part 6: Help people find their own answers and take action

In this phase, you will receive tools and techniques for helping people discover the answers to their own questions instead of simply instructing them on what to do. Being a leader does not imply having all the answers, and you don't need to. However, you should be capable of assisting individuals in uncovering solutions from within themselves. You will learn how to guide employees in generating their own solutions for challenging work situations and addressing their career development aspirations.

You will transition from:

  • Having employees that expects you to figure solutions out for them.
  • Feeling like you are failing when you cannot give your employee a clear answer to their question.
  • Missing action and initiative from your employees.

You will gain the ability to:

  • Foster an environment where employees resolve their own challenges.
  • Have employees that can figure out what they want for their career development.
  • Ensure that action is taken as expected by the employee.

Part 7: Manifest yourself as a leader
Part 6: Ensure long term career success as a leader.

In this phase you will work on ensuring that all the things you have found to work for you during the program is becoming new habits. These habits will serve as safeguards against reverting to autopilot mode. You will gain access to long-term success strategies that will enable you to achieve your current and future goals. Additionally, you will develop an action plan that equips you with the precise steps to address any challenges or doubts you may encounter. At this point, you have acquired the ability to take control of your mindset, ensuring you can rebound when faced with difficulties and find motivation when it wanes.

You will transition from:

  • Being in auto-pilot mode.
  • Not feeling in control.
  • Not having a clear plan and action steps to follow.

You will gain the ability to:

  • Being in control of your mindset.
  • Feeling in control of your direction and your leadership.
  • Having a clear and detailed plan for how to reach your goals now and in the future.
  • Tools an techniques to use at any time you need it.
  • Confidence and enthusiasm.

Certified and credentialed by the International Coaching Federation


Announced Top 15 coach:

Camilla was announced a top 15 coach in Copenhagen in 2023.

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